Christmas cards 2015 ....

I was completly useless at maintaining my blog for 2015!!!  I still stamped and made cards throughout the year and a few times went to do the blog, but I got an ipad and haven't sorted out how to do posts with photos on the ipad so I never ended up doing them.  I have 5 draft posts, starting in May that I never submitted!!

So I ended up with 37 b&w cards done, with 7 left overs my target of 35 is pretty close.   52 brightly coloured cards. Some terrible pics of them all piled up.

Had lots of fun along the way with a few favorites ...  loved the zig zag folded paper ones, the circle step cards.

My New Years resolution is defenitely to actually post to my blog in a timely manner and keep track of what I am making through the year!

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