Fun Spin Cards

Wanted to do a fun card this month and I saw what someone called a spin card on Pintrest, the one I used as a inspiration which aslo includes some instructions is found at Crafting this and that.  So, it was a bit fiddly as the sliding slot, penguin and "snow slope" was hand cut.  Basically I found a stamp to put in the slot and tried to cut based on that.  Then once I had made the snow slope I attached it to the red and put it on dimenstionals so that the penguin had room to slide.  There is a 10 cent piece stuck to a small button the back of the penguin to provide the weight for the slide.  A fun card!

So once I had one I did a fun kids card.  This was much quicker because I didn't muck about trying to fit around a stamp I just cut the slider slot.  I also used the kid stamp that fitted within my circle punch so it was a nice quick card and the happy kid looks really cute rolling across the card.

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